We live longer, better lives and we understand the benefits of balanced diet and regular exercise but sometimes we just feel so much younger than we look.

With the help of non-surgical treatments, we can create a better match between how we look and how we feel.

The physiology of ageing means that due to sun-damage, environmental impact from pollution, the negative effects of smoking, excess of sugar in the diet, hormonal changes due to ageing and stress the skin becomes lax, dehydrated and manifests skin-blemishes, wrinkles, etc.

Non-surgical treatments can have an impact on these changes and help to improve or eradicate them.

Having more than 10 years experience of treating more than 10,000 clients, Dr Martins can provide comprehensive advice on the relative effects of different procedures.

An Aesthetic Treatment Programme is a journey.
Dr Martins’ fundamental principle is to help you maintain your natural look whilst helping you to look great for your age, whilst avoiding compromises to your health and safety.

Dr Martins operates out of practises in Central London, Maidenhead, Esher, Haywards Heath and Hampshire.